Tried and True Recipes

A collection of recipes from our kitchen to yours – sorted by cut!

Ground beef: 

Beef Sausages: 

Beef Cubes: 


Stir Fry Strips: 

Chuck Roast: 

Chuck Eye Steaks:

Short Ribs: 

NY Strip Steaks:

Delmonico Steaks:

Rib Steaks:

T-Bone Steaks:

Porterhouse Steaks: 

Sirloin Steaks:

Skirt Steaks:

Flank Steaks:

Hanger Steaks:

Flat Iron Steaks:


Rump Roasts:

London Broil: 

Tri Tip:

Petite Tender:

Soup Bones:

Marrow Bones:



Find a great collection of beef and pork recipes on our Gauker Farms Pinterest page!

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