Our Pics for Weeknight GF Meals

Here are a few of our fave, family dinners for busy weeknights!

What’s your favorite way to enjoy Gauker Farms beef during the week?

Pioneer Woman’s BBQ Meatballs – I’d be willing to bet you could make these more low maintenance by just baking the meatballs instead of frying them before baking. Lord knows we try to be low maintenance around here!

Crock Pot Italian Beef Sandwiches – straight to you from Iowa Girl Eats – and we think she eats pretty well if she’s dishing this out!

Best Ever Beef Stew – Mrs. Happy Homemaker has got something right about this stew! (Demi Glace, though?! How ’bout the Flavor Boost – or just some beef bouillon paste? Low. Maintenance. Over. Here!)

Kraft’s Cheeseburger Rice – My dearest friend, Jess Peters, used to make this delicacy in college and shared it with GF. And, well, Jess, as usual, you deliver!

Wild West Beef Hash – Brought to you by our Beef Checkoff program – and they know beef!

Steak Bites – At first I thought this said SNAKE Bites, and I was like, huh?! I’ve never heard of such a thing! I’m a big fan of the red wine sauce PW mentions at the end, personally, and since I’m the cook, what I say goes! 🙂  Wouldn’t this be a great dinner with one of our sides?! I’d say SO!

Now, go on. Either get to cookin’, or get to sharin’ what you’re cookin’ instead!

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