Our Products

Gauker Farms is privileged to provide local, wholesome, grain-fed beef for you and your family.

At Gauker Farms, we take pride in keeping our business within our local agricultural community. We purchase Holstein calves from our neighboring dairies and friends. Our calves are fed a milk replacer purchased at our local feed mill until they are ready to begin to eat grain which is also from our local mill. This grain is high in protein and nutrients that help our young calves grow. Once they are able, they are fed a grain mix of corn and soybeans we raise on our 260 acre farm. During the late spring, summer, and fall, when grass is plentiful, our steers are out on pasture where they can eat plenty of grass. When the grass is dormant in the winter and early spring, we feed hay that we have stored for them that we grew on our farm during the busy-but-sunny summer months.

Why Holsteins? They marble well, taste great, and we are able to provide beef year round instead of just certain times per year (farms with strictly beef breeds typically keep to spring and sometimes a fall calving season, and steers are ready to harvest about 15-18 months later leaving some months when beef is typically unavailable).

Please take some time to read more about our farm and growing practices through our frequently asked questions!

Thank you for allowing us to provide safe, local beef for you and your family to enjoy.

Beef Price List as of May 1, 2015

Sometimes we are also able to offer farm-raised pork as well. Our dear friends at Younker’s Pride Dairy Farm have raised extra pigs with their 4-H projects and sold their pigs to us! We may be biased, but it is some of the most delicious pork we’ve ever had the pleasure to enjoy. We hope to enjoy it, too, while it lasts! Thank you, Nathan, Stephanie, Alex, and Allie for taking such great care of these pigs!

Note: We are currently almost completely out of pork, and due to the fact that our 4-Hers don’t have pigs ready to butcher right now, we’ve decided not to buy any others. We have a limited amount of ham slices; fresh, sweet Italian and hot Italian grillers; loose hot sausage; and ham hocks available. Please let us know if you’re interested in purchasing any of those items!

Stratton’s Wynnorr Farm currently has pork packages available. Please let us know if we can connect you with Joe!


4 thoughts on “Our Products

  1. Hey Jodie! Can’t find your business card. I’m interested in buying chuck roasts. Can we touch base next week about pricing? Is delivery possible ? I’m in Kennett square !

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