2020 Winter/Spring CSA

2020 Gauker Farms Winter/Spring 6 Month Beef CSA

January through June 2020

How Does It Work?

  1. Choose Your Share Size – Small, Medium, or Large
  2. Choose Your Pick-Up Site: On-farm, Downingtown, or By Appointment.
  3. Choose Your Payment Option that fits your family budget.
  4. Pick Up Your Share MONTHLY, and Enjoy Gauker Farms Beef with your Family and Friends

Choose Your Share Size:

  • Small: $50 per month – at least $50 in beef per month for 6 months – enough for about 1 beef meal per week
  • Medium: $75 per month – at least $75 in beef per month for 6 months – enough for 1-2 beef meals per week
  • Large: $100 per month – at least $100 in beef per month for 6 months – enough for about 2 beef meals per week or the family that enjoys grilling year-round.

*Recommendations based on a family of 4 and serving sizes of 4-6 oz. of cooked beef. *

Choose Your Pick Up Site:

  1. On-Farm – 846 Fleetwood Lyons Rd., Fleetwood, by appointment once per month (typically a Thursday or Friday evening between 5-7 p.m.
  2. Downingtown – once per month during the Downingtown Farmers Market on Saturdays, 9 am – 1 pm, in Kerr Park (typically the 2nd Saturday)
  3. By Appointment – If you aren’t able to visit us at Downingtown or on the farm, Jodi can make arrangements to meet you each month, typically during her restaurant deliveries. If you aren’t able to meet us on the route, a delivery charge may be necessary.

Choose Your 6 Month Payment Option:

Share Size Up-Front Cash or Check (10% discount) Up-Front Credit (5% discount) 6 monthly payments
Small $270 $285 $50

($300 total)

Medium $405 $428 $75

($450 total)

Large $540 $570 $100

($600 total)

What Does A Share Look Like?

Sample Small Share: 1 Brisket, 2 lbs. ground beef, 1 lb. beef cubes, 2 chuck eye steaks

Sample Small Share: 1 Chuck Roast, 2 lbs. ground beef, 1 lb. chipsteak, 2 NY strip steaks

Sample Medium Share: 1 Chuck Roast, 2 lbs. ground beef, 4 – 6 oz. patties, 1 sirloin steak, 1 London Broil, 2 NY Strip Steaks

Sample Large Share: 1 Brisket, 1 London Broil, 2 lb. ground beef, 2 lb. chipsteak, 4 Delmonico steaks

Sample Large Share: 2 Chuck Roasts, 1 London Broil, 1 Brisket, 2 lb. beef cubes, 2 sirloin steaks

Sample Large Share: 1 Chuck Roast, 3 lb. ground beef, 2 lb. beef cubes, 2 filet mignon, 2 NY Strip, 2 packs 4 – 6 oz. burgers

Can I Make Special Requests?

Yes, you can. We will honor them as we are able / as our stock permits / as the requests fit into your “share allowance.”

Can I Order Additional Items Like Snack Sticks or Jerky?

Yes, you absolutely may. However, please note pre-orders are required. 24 hours notice is requested and appreciated.

How Do I Sign Up?

E-mail Jodi at gaukerfarms@gmail.com or call 724-454-3674. We’ll send you a member agreement, and you’ll be on your way to being a 2020 Gauker Farms CSA Member! OR go right on ahead and complete our contract/request HERE.

Can I Join Even Though the CSA Already Started?

You bet! You can join at any time, however this CSA program will end in June 2020. You’ll only pay for the remaining months through June. You can start in March, for example, but you’ll only pay for 4 months of shares. We’ll start the next “season” in July 2020!

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